Teeth whitening

One of the simplest ways to brighten up your smile is to whiten your teeth. It is straight-forward, and suitable for most adults from late teens and even into your eighties! Whitening does not damage your teeth if professional materials and methods are used, and the results are long lasting. We use top-quality Opalescence products which are used world-wide.

In-Chair Whitening

This is popular with some people who want one quick treatment , as it only takes around an hour using Opalescence Boost. We apply a more concentrated gel to your teeth, and activate it with a light to get the quickest results, while you relax in the chair. Your teeth may be a little sensitive for a day or two afterwards, but will soon return to normal.

At-home whitening

This method is the best way to get a great, long-lasting result. We take impressions of your teeth, which only takes a few minutes, and then make very thin, translucent trays to apply the whitening gel to your teeth at home. Most people find it easiest to wear them to bed at night, but if you prefer you can simply wear them for a couple of hours in the evening.  Some people only need to whiten their teeth for a week or so, but if your teeth are darker you will need to do it for longer. The results will last for several years, though some people prefer to top-up their whitening every year to keep their teeth looking as good as possible.

For further information on whitening please go to  www.Opalescence.com/au