Root Canal Treatment


Why do I need Root Canal Treatment?

Sometimes the nerve (pulp) of a tooth dies, leading to toothache or an abcess. This can be caused by bacteria from tooth decay or cracks in a tooth getting into the nerve of your tooth and causing infection, or sometimes it is caused by trauma such as falling over or getting knocked in the face. If your tooth becomes painful with hot and cold drinks and food, or begins to ache, you may need root canal treatment to clean out the infection and seal the roots.

Price of Root Canal Treatment

  1. Root Canal $600 including x-rays and final filling
  2. Root Canals $750 including x-rays and filling
  3. or more Root Canals  $850 including X-rays and filling

If your tooth is very badly infected you may need an extra visit for more cleaning and disinfecting, which would cost $150 on top of these prices.

Larger back chewing teeth usually require a crown or only in the long-term to prevent the tooth from breaking, but this can be done several months or a even a year after root canal treatment.

Dr Belinda Payne has completed many hundreds of successful root canal treatments over the last twenty five years, and can treat most teeth. Occasionally some teeth can be particularly difficult and in this case we can refer you to a specialist called an Endodontist or you may choose to have the tooth extracted.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful

Nowadays with modern anaesthetics root canal treatment is not painful, although it can be takes longer than more simple treatments and requires some patience. If a tooth is extremely painful it can be more difficult to get it completely numb, but we have several techniques to minimise any pain, and make your treatment as comfortable as possible. We like our patients to be as relaxed as we can, and we put a lot of effort into minimising the discomfort you experience. We completely understand that many people are anxious and in pain, and we have a lot of experience at helping anxious patients to feel more relaxed.

What does Root Canal Treatment involve?

First we numb your tooth to make sure your treatment is as painless as possible. Then the dead or infected pulp is cleaned out of your tooth using very fine files and the tooth is disinfected. Sometimes we use a laser to make sure all the bacteria are dead. We take X-rays to make sure the roots have been completely filled, and your tooth is restored with a filling to protect it until you have a crown or onlay placed.

Is root canal treatment Successful?

Yes, over 90% over root canal treatments are successful, providing the tooth is well restored afterwards. Root-filled teeth can last for many years if the tooth is covered with a porcelain onlay or crown.