Partial Dentures

When several teeth are missing, or a more economical option is preferred, then a partial denture can be a very good choice. A partial denture is not fixed to your mouth and has to be removed for cleaning each day.

There are two types of partial denture: Acrylic or Metal

Acrylic partial dentures:

These are made completely from acrylic and can look extremely natural. Nobody will guess that  you are wearing a partial denture as the teeth can be matched to look exactly the same colour and shape as your natural teeth. Acrylic dentures feel very strange to begin with, but after a couple of weeks most people find them comfortable and can eat a lot better than before. We can give you lots of advice and handy hints on how to get used to wearing a partial denture successfully.

Chrome-Cobalt (metal) Partial Dentures

Metal partial dentures are a great choice for many people with missing teeth, as the metal is strong, but also wafer-thin. Because the metal is so thin it is less bulky than an acrylic denture and very comfortable. The denture also has clasps to attach it to your real teeth, so it is unlikely to dig into the gums and make your mouth sore. Because it is clipped onto the existing teeth it will be firm, and unlikely to move very much when eating or speaking. Metal partial dentures are strong and long-lasting, so they are great value. Many last for twenty years before they require replacement, and prices are from $1250-$14500 depending on how many teeth are involved.