Pediatric Dentist (Children’s Dentist) Rose Bay

Looking for a gentle Children’s Dentist?

Growing up with healthy teeth is part of giving your child a great start in life, and here at Rose Bay Dentistry we can help make sure this happens. Finding a children’s dentist who can put your child at ease is the first step. Dr Belinda Payne is an experienced kid’s dentist who has brought up her own three children, as well as treating many children over the years, and aims to make your child’s dental visit go as smoothly as possible. Children vary in how they cope with dental treatment, so we only do as much or as little as your child is comfortable with at each visit.

As a parent who knows the day to day realities of family life, Dr Belinda can also give you simple strategies to help keep your children’s teeth healthy with as little stress as possible.

Spotting little problems early can ensure that they never turn into major problems, and with all the preventive treatments available these days we can try to avoid tooth decay altogether.

Cleaning and Fluoride

As well as cleaning your child’s teeth we can apply pleasant tasting fluoride foam or varnish to help toughen the teeth against decay. Ideally this needs to be done at least twice a year to gain maximum protection.

Fissure Sealants

Once the permanent molars erupt, at around six years and twelve years we can protect them from decay with Fissure Sealants. This is a hard plastic coating, like nail polish, on the back teeth to prevent decay starting in the fissures of the biting surfaces. It is painless and quick to apply, and can last for several years.


If your child’s teeth are crowded or uneven we will sometimes carry out simple treatment at the practice, or refer more complex cases to a specialist orthodontist. Often there will be several treatment options available to suit different budgets. Once all the permanent teeth have erupted, mild to moderate problems may be suitable for treatment with clear orthodontic systems such as ClearPath.